On job titles

Updated Apr 06, 2022 ⤳ 3 min read

In recent years, various job titles have emerged. Some of these job titles are valid, and some are just fancy made-up names.

Due to the fact the skills overlap across job titles, it’s tricky to say what skills fall under what role. However, let’s try to get it right as much as we can.

A programmer is someone who can code and create computer programs. It’s rarely used in job advertisements today, but some individuals still use the term.

A software Engineer is someone usually with an academic degree – specialized in all phases of software development.

Although this title doesn’t explicitly define the expertise, it usually refers to software developers experienced in backend and server-level technologies.

A web developer is someone who creates web-based products, either front end or back end or both. 

When a recruiter uses this term without a front-end or back-end prefix, they usually refer to someone who can do both. 

Many people refer to these developers as Full-stack developers. 

Fullstack Developer is a debated and misleading term but still very popular.

These are similar job titles: front-end developer, back-end developer, front-end engineer, back-end engineer, and web application developer.

A front-end developer is someone who specializes in front-end technologies.

Some related front-end job titles refer to a particular tool, such as JavaScript developer, JS engineer, and Node.js developer.

Related job titles: front-end engineer, JavaScript developer, JS engineer, React developer, and Angular developer.

The back-end developer is devoted to back-end technologies, specialized in working with data, databases, programming languages, frameworks, knowledge of infrastructure, and more.

Related job titles are back-end engineer, back-end developer, and web application developer.

Web Designer is a generic term used for a person who’s more focused on the design and probably knowledge of working with a CMS, adequate knowledge of HTML/CSS, and a bit of Javascript.

Titles like ninja, rockstar, master, wizard are not valid job titles, and you may not use them on your public profiles.

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