Coding for kids: The ultimate guide for parents

Coding for kids has become an exciting topic among parents and teachers; You might have heard coding is the new literacy and the language of the future. But whichever it is, our world heavily depends on it, from mobile apps to rocket ships. If you’re a parent, you’re probably wondering how your child can benefit from learning to code.

19 min read

How to become a web developer when you have no degree

Finding your first web developer job (or any job in tech) with no experience can be overwhelming at the beginning. It’s like stepping into an unknown world without a map. The problem isn’t you don’t know how to start; It’s figuring out how to continue!

30 min read

How much do web developers make in the US?

Let me guess, you’re considering web development as your career, and you’re wondering what’s the average web developer salary in 2022. Or maybe you’re already a developer and in the process of an interview and want know how much you should be making.

18 min read

What is HTTP? All you need to know, in plain English

This means: Any computer or device can use the services or download the resources hosted on another computer (the server). To make a client-server transaction happen, server admins need to install a set of tools on their servers. And configure them to serve clients. One of these tools is …

32 min read

On job titles

In recent years, various job titles have emerged. Some of these job titles are valid, and some are just fancy made-up names. Due to the fact the skills overlap across job titles, it’s tricky to say what skills fall under what role. However, let’s try …

3 min read

SEO technical concepts

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of enhancing a website’s traffic by increasing its visibility (a.k.a impressions) on search engine results pages (SERP). Constant optimizations on the content, site performance, usability, and link profile significantly improve your website’s search engine visibility. No matter …

2 min read

Cloud computing

Several years ago, companies had to set up their own data centers with all the equipment needed to get their software into the hands of their customers. Smaller websites used web hosting services or even shared-hosting solutions. Things are different now. Today, you can create …

6 min read

Version control

Version control means recording the changes made to a file over time. Version control enables programmers to see the evolution of files over time and roll back to a certain point in time if needed. It ensures nothing gets lost, and there’s always a way …

2 min read

An Introduction to testing for new web developers

Software testing is the process of verifying if a program or its building blocks work as expected. We do software testing before making a program live. There are two main approaches to software testing,  Passive Testing and Active Testing. Passive Testing is the practice of …

7 min read

A quick introduction to debugging

Debugging is the process of examining a computer program to find and fix the issues (a.k.a bugs 🪲) that cause the program to deliver unexpected results. Debugging can be done in two ways: The first approach is to place temporary print statements at specific locations …

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