Elf on the Shelf Kit 🧝: Your Holiday Magic Guide

Updated Oct 30, 2023 ⤳ 11 min read
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🎄 Choosing your perfect Elf on the Shelf kit

The holidays are just around the corner, and there’s nothing quite like the magic of welcoming an Elf on the Shelf into your home! For parents with toddlers and young kids, this cherished tradition isn’t just about decorating; it’s about creating unforgettable moments filled with wonder and excitement. If you’re looking for the perfect Elf on the Shelf kit to make this holiday season extra magical, you’ve come to the right place! In this guide, we’ll dive into everything you need to know about these enchanting little visitors and help you find the ideal kit to add an extra touch of magic to your family’s holiday traditions.

What you’ll read:

Before we dive into the enchanting world of Elves on the Shelves, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane to explore the origins and significance of this delightful experience.

What’s Elf on the Shelf?

This whimsical tradition revolves around a special elf who visits children’s homes, sent by Santa to “keep an eye” on their behavior. Each night, this lovable little creature embarks on enchanting adventures, reporting back to the North Pole with tales of their daily antics. 

In the morning, children eagerly search for their elf, creating moments of excitement and wonder as they discover its new hiding place and overnight adventures.

The origin of Elf magic: 

It all began with a mother and daughter duo, Carol Aebersold and Chanda Bell, who, in the spirit of the holiday season, transformed a simple family tale into a beloved tradition that has touched the lives of countless families. 

Inspired by the holiday season’s magic and their family’s traditions, Carol and Chanda created the Elf on the Shelf story with the help of Chanda’s twin sister, Christa Pitts. 

Over the years, people have not only embraced this heartwarming tale but also added their own creative twists to spark wonder and joy in their children’s hearts. 

The grand entrance

Your Elf on the Shelf should make its grand entrance into your home on the first day of December. It’s a magical kickoff to the holiday season! But here’s the secret sauce: your elf must be named to activate its enchanting powers.

The elf stays with you until Christmas Eve when it returns to the North Pole with Santa, as he embarks on his journey to deliver gifts. This naming ritual is the first step in unlocking the whimsy and wonder of Elf on the Shelf, setting the stage for a month of delightful surprises and cherished holiday memories.

What age is it suitable for?

Elf on the Shelf is suitable for children of all ages. While the concept might be more challenging for very young children to grasp, the enchantment of finding the elf each morning and discovering its whimsical scenarios is sure to bring joy to children of all ages.

What are the Elf on the Shelf rules?

The rules of Elf on the Shelf are delightfully simple. The elf’s primary job is to watch over your little ones and report their behavior to Santa. 

However, there’s an unspoken rule for parents: keep the magic alive! 

The elf must move each night while everyone sleeps, creating a sense of wonder and anticipation. Children are not allowed to touch the elf, as it’s said that doing so might make it lose its magic!

Unwrap the magic: choosing your perfect Elf on the Shelf kit

Elf on the Shelf kits come in various delightful flavors, each adding its unique twist to the tradition:

Elf on the Shelf starter pack (story book and the elf doll)

Elf on the Shelf starter pack

This is the classic choice, featuring the iconic storybook and a beautifully crafted elf doll. It’s perfect for those new to the tradition or looking for that timeless touch of holiday magic.

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Elf Pets

Elf Pets Kit

If you want to go the extra mile, consider an Elf Pets kit alongside the classic storybook and the doll. These kits introduce a lovable pet, such as a reindeer or Saint Bernard, to your holiday festivities, making the season even more magical.

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Elf Mates

Elf Mates Kit

These delightful elves are a new addition to the Elf on the Shelf tradition. Elf Mates are charming forest elves that have partnered with Santa Claus for thousands of years in various roles, such as toy makers, cobblers, and chefs. Each Elf Mate possesses a magical golden heart and a special mission from Santa to encourage imaginative, hands-on playtime and promote acts of kindness.

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Elf on the Shelf accessories

Elf Wardrobe and Accessory Kit

Elevate your elf’s charm with an accessory kit, complete with clothing and props. From tiny hats to miniature scarves, it’s an opportunity to spark creativity.

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Farewell, elf!

On Christmas Eve, it’s time to bid farewell to your Elf on the Shelf. Before it departs to join Santa on its sleigh, it can leave a heartfelt note, a small gift, or position itself in a prominent, meaningful place to signify the end of its holiday mission. 

It’s a lovely way to wrap up this magical tradition and create lasting memories for your child.

25 Elf on the shelf expansion sets for a magical tradition

Are you ready to take your Elf on the Shelf experience to the next level? Let’s see 25 enchanting ideas and twists to infuse even more wonder and excitement into this beloved holiday tradition. From daring adventures to heartwarming surprises, these Elf on the Shelf ideas will spark joy in your child’s heart and create memories that will last a lifetime. 

Buckle up, and let’s explore the whimsical world of Elf on the Shelf with a twist!

Elf on the Shelf Magic: Elf Props

Elf on the Shelf Magic: Elf Props

Elevate your Elf on the Shelf game this Christmas with the “Official Elf Props for All of Santa’s Helpers.” This magical kit offers over 20 themed accessories, inspiring your elf to create enchanting scenes and share daily imaginative play. 

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Scout elf doll riding a scooter

Scout Elf Adventure Set: Real Magic for Your Holidays

Get ready to add a touch of holiday magic with “The Complete Scout Elf Adventure Set.” This kit includes an Elf on the Shelf Stand-n-Scoot with a real rolling scooter, an elf-sized helmet, and a festive striped scarf. Your Scout Elf can now roll through your home, bringing a bit of festive charm to your Christmas decor.

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Scout elf doll with a parachute

Elevate Your Elf’s Adventure with the Elf Parachute!

Just imagine the excitement when your Scout Elf arrives, making a grand entrance by parachuting into your home. This enchanting accessory will have your Scout Elf sailing through the season in style and the best part? Putting it together is a breeze, making it the perfect addition to your existing Elf on the Shelf collection.

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Standing scout elf doll holding a tray of goodies

Add Some Elf Magic and Fun with the Standing Pants Set

These special pants allow your elf to stand effortlessly with a touch of Santa’s magic. Your Scout Elf can now serve up sweet surprises daily using standing pants and a tray filled with delightful goodies.

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Scout elf doll wearing colorful t-shirts

Elf Wardrobe Delight: Dress Up Your Scout Elf

This set includes an “It’s Always Hot Cocoa Time” tee, a “Candy Canes Rule” tee, and even a special Elf Pets Reindeer tee.

But that’s not all! The set comes with a customizable keepsake suitcase for your Scout Elf’s attire. Simply leave one of these delightful shirts beside your elf, and they’ll slip into it before their nightly flight to the North Pole!

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Scout elf doll getting cozy on a couch

Cozy Comfort for Your Scout Elf Pajama Set

Give your child’s Scout Elf the gift of cozy comfort with this patterned all-in-one pajama set. When it’s time for your little one’s beloved elf to unwind, this comfy addition ensures that your Elf on the Shelf can rest and relax in style. 

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Scout elf doll wearing a glittery dress with a pair of wings.

Let Your Scout Elf Sparkle with Magical Flight!

Introducing a magical addition designed by Mrs. Claus, perfect for your Scout Elf’s whimsical flights of fancy! Your Scout Elf will adore their glittery adventures, especially when they’re filled with rainbows. This enchanting set includes MagiFreez Legs and Stand, a sparkly-skirted dress, and felt wings that will have your elf soaring in style.

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Scout elf doll fishing wearing a raincoat

Rainy Day Magic for Your Scout Elf

Brighten your Elf on the Shelf’s rainy adventures with this delightful set, featuring a cheerful yellow raincoat and matching boots.

When the weather turns wet and wild, simply leave the raincoat and boots where your Scout Elf can see them. They’ll slip into this charming ensemble before their nightly flight to the North Pole.

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Scout elf doll sitting next to a balloon

Elevate Your Scout Elf with the Balloon Adventure Set

Give your Scout Elf an unforgettable adventure with this fantastic set that includes a colorful balloon, an easy-to-assemble balloon basket, four plastic supports, and a candy cane cable for added whimsy.

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Scout elf doll carrying a retro yellow cassette player

Make Your Scout Elf the Coolest on the Block!

Unwrap the enchantment of Christmas and help your Scout Elf become the most rad on the block with MagiFreez, The Elf on the Shelf accessories. This magical standing gear includes everything your Scout Elf needs to be as merry as can be! The Elf on the Shelf Clothes Include: This set features a pair of MagiFreez standing pants, high-top sneakers, a vibrant vintage shirt, a retro cell phone, and a classic boombox.

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Wishing You a Magical Elf-ful Holiday Season!

Remember, the magic of Elf on the Shelf extends far beyond the whimsical scenes and mischievous escapades. It’s about creating treasured memories, igniting imagination, and celebrating the wonder of the season with your loved ones.

As you continue this holiday tradition, keep the joy alive, embrace the magic, and create moments that your child will cherish for a lifetime. From sweet cookie workshops to daring zip line adventures, each day is an opportunity to make the season more enchanting.

So, as we say our festive farewell and Merry Christmas, we wish you and your family a joyful, magical, and truly memorable holiday season. Happy holidays when it comes!

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