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JavaScript isset Equivalent (3 methods)

⤳ If you’re looking for the JavaScript isset equivalent, you’ve probably used it in PHP before and want the same functionality in JavaScript. As you probably know, PHP’s isset() function checks a variable is declared and not null. Although JavaScript doesn’t have an isset equivalent, there are ...

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Integer division in JavaScript explained

⤳ In this guide, you’ll learn how to do integer division in JavaScript. The division operator in JavaScript (/) divides two numbers (dividend and divisor) and returns the quotient as a floating point number (rather than the quotient and the remainder of a division separately). All numbers in ...

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PHP replace space with dash explained with examples

⤳ If you want to “replace space with dash” in PHP, you can do so with the str_replace() function. We usually replace spaces with dashes to generate a URL-friendly slug from a given string, but you might need them for other purposes. The str_replace() function accepts ...

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PHP double question marks (Null coalescing operator) explained

⤳ PHP double question marks (??) – officially known as Null coalescing operator – is a convenient alternative to ternary expressions in conjunction with isset(). You might have seen the following expression in your Laravel or PHP projects: But what do two question marks mean in PHP? ...

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SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input in JavaScript (Fixed)

⤳ You might have encountered the error “Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input” when using JSON.parse(). The error looks like this on the browser console (Google Chrome): First of all, it’s not your code! What’s most likely wrong is the JSON string you’re trying to parse. ...

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How to learn to code without a technical background

⤳ Do you want to learn to code and wondering where to start? I’ve been there. Learning to code can be overwhelming at the beginning – specially when you don’t have a technical background. But what if I told you could fix that knowledge gap? There’s one ...

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How much do web developers make in the US?

⤳ Let me guess, you're considering web development as your career, and you're wondering what's the average web developer salary in 2022. Or maybe you're already a developer and in the process of an interview and want know how much you should be making.

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