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[Solved] SyntaxError: unterminated string literal in Python

⤳ Python raises “SyntaxError: unterminated string literal” when a string value doesn’t have a closing quotation mark. This syntax error usually occurs owing to a missing quotation mark or an invalid multi-line string. Here’s what the error looks like on Python version 3.11: On the other ...

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[Solved] SyntaxError: cannot assign to expression here in Python

⤳ Python raises “SyntaxError: cannot assign to expression here. Maybe you meant ‘==’ instead of ‘=’?” when you assign a value to an expression. On the other hand, this error occurs if an expression is the left-hand side operand in an assignment statement. Additionally, Python provides ...

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SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal in Python (Solved)

⤳ The Python error “SyntaxError: invalid decimal literal” occurs if you use an invalid decimal literal in a Python expression, like 453a, or amount = 12.5a, or 100_step = 'someValue'.  Here’s what the error looks like: A SyntaxError is a type of error that occurs when ...

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