Back-end Development

Weekly articles on back-end development, including Web APIs, programming languages, back-end frameworks, content management systems (CMS), and more.

Do you need to know CMS as a back-end developer?

⤳ A Content management system is a web application used to create a website and manage its content. If all you need is a personal or company website, and you need a quick and hassle-free solution, a CMS is a wise option. Sometimes you still need ...

⌛ 3 min read

How back-end web frameworks work?

⤳ Backend web frameworks or  HTTP-based frameworks are software frameworks you can use to build functionalities like CRUD interfaces, authentication systems, APIs, integrations, etc. Frameworks come in the form of pre-written code you can customize and extend. A web framework is like the first course of ...

⌛ 4 min read

What do back-end developers do?

⤳ Backend development is all about working with data and returning that data to the clients. That’s not the whole story, but this is where it begins. The front end and back end are the key elements of any web-based system. Simply put, the front end displays the ...

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